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Dear Visitors, to your attention are offered development of marks and the trade marks, created for last 10 years, with 1993 for 2002, from total to much more our 100 projects of corporate identification for small, average and large business, since 1982. Works are placed not in the chronological order, and grouped on themes or similarity of composite decisions.

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ALL DESIGN ( Design - studio, 2001)

The mark is combined with a logotape and makes a single whole.

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ATLANT (fitness-klub 1996)

Construction of a mark is based on three assotiayions: 1) a symbol of the man's beginning - expression of force and nobleness; 2) the geometrical meander - testifies to communication with antique tradition of worship culture of a sound body; 3) a letter "a" - the initial letter in the name of club.

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SSTC NRS (The State Scientific and Technical Centre on Nuclear and Radiating Safety 1999)

Testing of various variants of a tracing of a mark have convinced that two cross orbits and are that minimal, it is good cognate from the big distance, a symbol. It was taken for a basis for final study. But original "interlacing" on crossing in a new fashion stylized orbits electrons has given necessary impression of "working" atom... more design & english text

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McINVEST (Corporate design of the enterprise 1994 г.)

The given service mark - the complex form which combines three basic components: the letter "I" (initial in the name of firm), silhouette mountain tops (a symbol of aspiration to heights in business in a combination to the justified risk of the climber) and layered structure (an increment capital by expedient investments). more design

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BRINKFORD (Corporate design of the investment company with the mixed capital 1996)

As basis for complex structure of a mark granting by the Customer of the information on principles of reinsurance of investment projects of the given company, and also an axiom about necessity of a constant revolution of the capital for his growth has served.more design

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NPP OSI (Corporate design of research-and-production institute1998)

At creation of a mark the modern treatment of model of a nuclear nucleus, and also principles of cooperation in world atomic engineering (the detailed text is given in the reference). more design

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CSCA-KYIV >> ARSENAL-KYIV 2002 (The complex advertising project of football club of masters of the supreme league of Ukraine, 1997. The silver award at the International competition " the Gold STRUCTURE "97")

The basis of club symbolics chose a star (she the letter "A") as traditional talisman (has protected) militarians. You can familiarize with some components of the general advertising program, having come on stadium " CSKA " on a football match. more design

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BEREHINIA (To children's welfare fund 1994)

With the purpose of amplification of semantic accent on the name, in the given mark the image of the madonna with the baby (the Mother of god with the Christ) as a symbol of gentle care of care of mother about the child is used.


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DETTA-DESIGN (design-studio 1993)

The mark and all firm style are executed in a contrast black-and-white combination to emphasize the basic idea in carried out projects -- laconism and limiting expressiveness of the form which opens essence of the trade mark.

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DINAI (Corporate design of the enterprise and the special trade mark " COMPUTER DIRECTORIES under the LEGISLATION ", 1998-2000 )

The mark represents the image of a header letter "D" -- the initial letter of the name of firm " Dinai ". Construction of a mark is based on contrast counter movement of two rectangular spirals reminding a meander.This motive is once again maintained in a trade mark, in the letter "е".  more design www.dinai.com


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DML (Corporate style of legal firm 1994)

As basis for diagrams of a mark stylization of an abbreviation of the English spelling of the full name of firm has served.

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FORTO (Corporate design of the enterprise 1994)

Basis for stylization of a service mark is the letter "F" (initial in english variant of a spelling of the name of firm). The letter "F" is formed with three strips different are long, which symbolize sliding wheels of different diameter (or traces of protectors of wheels). For giving the greater dynamism of the general composition all three strips are slightly bent.

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CYFL (Emblem of the Ukrainian Children's & Youthful Football League, 2001)

Testing of various variants of an emblem, give participants Ukrainian competition have convinced jury that only laconism in a combination with dynamical drawing gives necessary impression. For us a source of inspiration was an emblem of "League of Champions" UEFA and earlier made emblem of "CSCA-KIEV" (1997). As appeared such approach has resulted in a victory in competition.

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PFL (Emblem 7 championships of Ukraine on football, 1997)

In an emblem dynamics of exact, elastic impact on a ball is reflected. The emblem also symbolizes prompt growth of recently created professional football league.

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CUP of STREET FOOTBALL (CUP of STREET FOOTBALL, design of an emblem, souvenirs and graphic arts industry of action, 2000-01)

Stylized boy -- the young goalkeeper in one impulse has directed to a flying ball in a gate, designated by two portofolioes as frequently it happens in boys football domestic duels. more design

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PFL (Emblem 11 championships of Ukraine on football, 2001)

On conditions of the task of the Ukrainian competition on an emblem of the championship for a basis of the image number 11 is taken. Two units flow one in one and are executed, as stylization of sectoring of a football field. In the given composition the emblem of Professional Football League has found the place, as a ball laying on lines of a field. more design

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  FOOTBALL PROFI (Corporate design of the enterprise, 2002)

The mark " FOOTBALL PROFI " represents the stylized image of the football flying in the top corner of a gate - "nine". The mark symbolizes the maximum achievements in football. The ball represents emblem PFL - Professional Football league of Ukraine. more design

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PFL (Emblem 12 championships of Ukraine on football, 2002)

On conditions of the task for a basis of an emblem number 12 is taken. Two figures set movement to a ball which flies, for one instant having been late within the limits of a mark. In the given composition emblem PFL has found the place, as a flying ball. more design

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EMAN (Corporate design of the enterprise, 1995)

The person has learned to use an atomic energy in the purposes, but it till now is not capable without special knowledge and the equipment to guarantee safety of productions, with it connected. The rigid control of nuclear safety is incured by firm " EMAN " (the name of the enterprise is formed from a designation of a unit of measurements of nuclear radiation).

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UKRPROMECOLOGIA ( Research-and-production association 2001)

The trade mark "UKRPROMECOLOGIA" represents the stylized image of sphere, crossing from left to right lines which prompt movement given in a perspective foreshortening, gives to the plane graphic form dimensions and expressiveness. more design

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EUROCOM (Corporate design of the Ukrainian-Spanish trading firm, 1994)

At a service mark there are elements of the Ukrainian, Spanish and international symbolics. The plumage of the flying pigeon (at the request of the Customer) is painted by colors of the Spanish flag - the main founder of the company.

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ITIS (Corporate design of the centre of information technologies, 1998)

The service mark symbolizes process of gathering, sorting and distribution of the information. Decrease of seen density of the image of separate arrows is read as progress from the general to the particular, more concrete and determined. more design

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IGC (Corporate design of the enterprise, 1995)

Mark of the firm engaged in import of automobiles and spare parts to them, and also automobile accessories and autocosmetics.

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  KIEV-DONBASS (Corporate design of joint venture, 1994)

Mark JV of "KIEV - DONBASS" represents labyrinth, structure in which at close examination letters "K" and "D" are read. One of the main requirements who were showed to development, were good ability of adaptation of the image to any environment and configuration. more design

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  IDENMOVIL (Corporate design of the Spanish firm on license manufacture of automobile accessories, 1994)

The trade mark "TREVOL" (trefoil clover) on a plan of the customer initially bears in itself thin paradoxical sense: on national поверью only quarterfoil clover brings happiness because seldom meets in a nature. But if good luck accompanies always it will bring also ordinary trefoil!знак "TREVOL" more design

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  LOGOSTIC-TRANS (Corporate design of the enterprise, 1998 г)

The service mark represents a combination of the stylized latin letters "L" and "T" (from initial letters of the words making the name of firm). The composition of a mark is constructed on the prompt movement which is included in the form from the outside and leaving on several directions (set of roads). However the basic movement from below upwards is steady enough (a symbol of logistic as most rational way from possible). more design

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  ROKSOLANA (Last version of a mark, trade mark and corporate design of a trading house, 1995. The special diploma at the International competition " the Gold STRUCTURE "96" )

Basis of a mark -- a double line (one of basic elements of firm design) which is a symbol of the water giving natural force all alive. "R"&"D", on a plan of the Customer, means Roksolana and Dobrutskyy (the founder of a trading house). more design

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  LIGA (Corporate design of the enterprise, 1996)

As basis of stylization the mark "paragraph" -- a grammatic symbol of the beginning of construction of the statutory act has served. The given mark serves as a good example of how a combination of simple expressive forms allows to apply set color, composite and constructional variants without loss of the basic sense. more design

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  ZANET (Corporate design of a trading house, 1994)

The mark symbolizes commodity -- transport streams and change of value of the various goods at export-import transactions. more design

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  NADRA (Corporate design of bank 1994)

Mark of the bank based on the capital of the coal industry. In the name "NADRA" (ukr. The bowels of the Earth) are reflected the basic idea realized in a mark, -- the capital of the Earth is transformed to the capital of people, on it living. more design

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  N&N (Mark of international agency, 1994)

In the centre of a mark there are two letters "N" -- the Stranger and Stranger (light and dark - in and ian) which were bound in a complex(difficult) pattern; on external perimeter the signature (in this case) in Spanish is located: AGENCIA DE CONTACTOS.

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  GLOBAL (Firm design of international corporation, 2000)

The mark represents the view-finder of a videocamera in which the globe is seen. Simultaneously the mark is the letter "O" in a trade mark of corporation. more design

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  BIOPHARMTECH (Corporate design of the enterprise, 1998)

By development of the given mark there was an inconsistent problem: to reflect essence of activity -- surgical treatment and, in too time, to leave from the negative associations causing at ill unpleasant reminders on an operational table and a scalpel. The image of a mark represents the stylized image of a sheet of a linden -- a symbol of life, in the bottom of passing in the stylized heart. more design

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  UTC (Corporate design of the enterprise, 1998)

The service mark represents the stylized image of a labyrinth. From ancient times was considered, that passage on a labyrinth is similar to promotion of the person to true. In modern interpretation similar the diagram associates also with complex(difficult) structure of a human brain or intricate interlacings of electronic circuits or cable networks. more design

zruthen.gif (3134 bytes)

  RUTHENIA (Corporate design of a trading house, 1998. The special diploma at the International competition " the Gold STRUCTURE "98")

The trade mark "RUTHENIA" was created as a symbol of a dynasty of businessmen (three generations). It has caused the reference to a history of Ukraine and old kind traditions of conducting an own affair. The mark (in the minimal variant) represents the image (flat and volumetric) the opened fantastic bowl inside which the precious pearl sparkles. more design

zsvit.gif (3450 bytes)

  SVIT (The world - ukr. Corporate design of agency, 1994)

The basic three kinds of activity of agency are tourism, graphic arts industry and advertising. These preconditions have found the reflection in a mark (three sheets, проростающих from bowels of the Earth).

zsvoydom.gif (2919 bytes)

  SVOIDOM (The special trade mark intended for sale in the market of former republics of the Soviet union of modern building materials and technologies, 1998)

The name is formed from two words: "MY"-- SVOY (rus.) and "HOUSE" -- DOM (rus.) by merge in one capacious concept. The mark represents the stylized image of a house and is simultaneously similar to an affable human face. The mark creates special mood of an openness and trust, -- it encourages and has to cooperation. more design

zskarb.gif (5046 bytes)

  TREASURES of KARPATY MOUNTAINS (Uniting trade mark for release of a series of natural products,1998 г.)

The mark represents the stylized image of a marge coniferous карпатского woods with pure, mountain lake. The general composition reminds a crown -- one of recognize symbols of quality. more design

ztokido.gif (3110 bytes)

  TOKIDO (Corporate design of a joint Ukrainian - Canadian civil engineering firm, 1997)

The trade mark represents the stylized architectural design, is perspective leaving up. Simultaneously it and the header letter stylized "T" - the first letter in the name of firm. more design

zstudio.gif (3348 bytes)

  STUDIOTECHNIKA (Corporate design of the enterprise, 1996)

In a mark the essence of activity of firm -- transportation some natural "territory" on pipes of liquid mineral oil is expressed. In turn pipes are bent as two letters "S" and "T" (initial letters of words of which the compound name of the enterprise consists; latin variant of a spelling).

zenglish.gif (6107 bytes)

  ENGLISH CLUB (Symbolics of club of businessmen, 1996)

The final composite variant of a mark and trade marks are executed in color scale which strengthens impression about a well-known London fog... more design

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  KMZ (The Kiev motorcycle factory, 2001)

Updating of design of a trade mark (last variant is submitted) and development of corporate advertising and an exposition to an exhibition " Ukraine - 10 years of independence ". more design  www.kmz-dnepr.com

zexeavia.gif (3031 bytes)

  EXECUTIVE AVIATION (Corporate design of the African airline, 2000)

The head of a lion on a background of the sun symbolizes force, pride and, as consequence, confidence of the forces. Overlapping of two symbols (the sun and a lion) which separately reflect domination, greatness and authority, strengthens value of each of them and gives a new powerful image. more design

zhermes.gif (3945 bytes)

  HERMES (Corporate design of the aviation company 1999)

The private aviation company for internal and international transportations of republic of Congo (Africa). The international character of the company underlines by the name -- Hermes. This name of the mythological god of trade, пришедее to us from depths of ancient greek culture, and becoming a well-known symbol of the international commercial communications. more design

zuca.gif (2094 bytes)

  UCA (Corporate design of the aviation transport company, 1997)

Constructive basis of a mark and his any composition with a trade mark -- the underlined active beginning. Specificity of application of the given mark -- drawing on a fuselage and Kiel of the plane from both sides. At mirror display the sense of a prompt ascending stream remains constant. more design

zpolimax.gif (4260 bytes)

  POLIMAKS (Corporate design of polygraphic firm, 2000)

The trade mark represents a composition from the letter "M" above which there is a symbol reflecting following sense. Reminds a polygraphic label for exact overlapping several colors at a seal, simultaneously symbolizes a small time interval (speed) for which work is carried out. In compositions with the letter "M" the symbol transforms her into a silhouette of "printer man" in baseball cap.

zkib3.gif (2564 bytes)

  KIB-3 (Corporate design of a civil engineering firm, 1996)

The mark is solved as the generalized kind from a window on an architectural ensemble. Cleanliness of lines, contrast of dark blue and white colors, a dynamical central composition give sensation of completeness of a structure, and yellow solar "rag" in a right top corner serves as a symbol of domestic heat and a cosiness in the house. more design

zlisprom.gif (4513 bytes)

  LISPROMSERVICE (Corporate design of the enterprise, 1996)

The mark is constructed on the associations connected to a habitual kind " annual rings " on a cross cut of a tree trunk and processes of processing of wood (sawing up). That is transition of the raw tree trunk in a ready product occurs directly on eyes...

z&law.gif (2838 bytes)

  National competition of floral artists of Ukraine (Emblem of competition, 1997)

The mark and all style of festival (registration of an input, diplomas, cut-away etc.) symbolizes the Mark the palm on which lays a flower which is were vaguely similar to the form of heart.

zkomun.gif (3569 bytes)

  KOMUNKOMPLEX (Mark of the commercial and industrial company, 2002)

Curvilinear double the contour -- environment which forms the form of a mark (form - pipeline), is boundary for two environments -- internal space of a mark and an environment which surrounds a mark. The image of a mark formed curvilinear double contour -- environment, describes the stylized letter "K", entered in the form of a square. more design

zsamtoy.gif (6014 bytes)

  SAME TOY (Emblem of club, 2001)

Founders of club have ratified variant of an emblem in style of " the national monogram ". The letter "С" as an ancient sabre, hanging on an expensive carpet (background) near to other weapon of famous ancestors. more design

zvip.gif (3888 bytes)

  Art studio VIP (Firm style of an architectural bureau, 2002)

The sign "VIP" represents the monogram from three latin capital letters "V", "I" and "P" which are initial in key words of the slogan of firm: " Your Vagary - our Intellekt - your Plesure". more design

zstvins.gif (2383 bytes)

  CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION "SAINT VINCENT" (Emblem of the charitable organization, 2002)

The emblem of the charitable organization "SAINT VINCENT " represents the image of the mark consisting of stylized letters "S" and "V" which, being combined in a uniform composition, form the form reminding heart, -- a symbol of sincere care about near. The image is formed curvilinear form-building. more design

zomg.gif (2427 bytes)

  The international association OMEGA MINERALS (Corporate style of industrial and trading association, 2002)

The mark "OMEGA MINERALS" is formed circular and direct forming. It consists of stylized letters "O+Оmega" and "M" which, being combined in a uniform composition, form a symbol reflecting technological processes and the name of the company simultaneously. more design

zngs.gif (2565 bytes)

  Corporation "NEWGATE SALES" (Corporate style, 2001)

The mark "NEWGATE SALES" represents the image consisting of stylized letters "N", "G" and "S" which, being combined in a uniform composition, form the form, assotiations with primary activity of corporation - marketing and trade in products of an iron and steel industry. more design

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